Visualizza Versione Completa : Aldebran occultation from Firenze

26-10-2015, 16:40
Good evening

I am enjoying a holiday in Firenze. I saw the moon rise over the floodlights but Roma won.

I would like to watch Aldebran emerge from the moon on Friday with other astronomers in the area if there is a club or event on. Are there any amateur astro clubs in Firenze other than that big astro observatory in the hills?


P.S hope to see galileos lens later this week.

26-10-2015, 16:58
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26-10-2015, 20:45
Ho perbacco forse ho capito che il nostro amico deve prima presentarsi nella sezione apposita , grande PHIL53

28-10-2015, 17:03
Profile updated....in English...sorry...

Weather looking good ...

Just need to borrow some binoculars!


Red Hanuman
28-10-2015, 18:04
Il nostro amico chiede se conoscete qualche associazione nei dintorni di Firenze con cui condividere domani l'osservazione dell'occultazione di Aldebaran...:whistling:

Red Hanuman
28-10-2015, 18:19
Hi, mdstuart! Take a look here (http://www.astrosaf.it/wordpress/) and here (http://www.biblioteche.comune.fi.it/bibliotecanova_isolotto/scheda_news.html?eventfile=e0383.html). Also, see this (http://www.astronomia.com/2015/10/11/occultazione-di-aldebaran-del-29-ottobre/), there's a useful timetable.
Note that the occultation begins thursday evening, not friday.:whistling:

28-10-2015, 20:48
Thank you everyone.

Thursday evening...ok

Red thanks for the links. I have sent an email to the Florence astro group to see if I can get to tommorrow s event.


29-10-2015, 07:04
spostato in -Appuntamenti ed Eventi- ;)

29-10-2015, 20:31
So the limiting magnitude in Firenze is around 3.3.

Aldebran is visible about a moon width SE of the moon at the moment...

The moon looks great in this clear air after the front came through this morning.

I hope you all get some good pictures.


Ps the galileo museum was awesome today.